A shout out to all the single mothers

I can’t say that it was or is easy but at the end of the day being a mother is the greatest job hands down.  It is a learning experience for both the kids and the mom.  You both go through changes, experiences, ups and downs and you know that you will be better for it.



Donald Trump – Villain or Hero?

Before we can answer we have to review the facts.  Is immigration a problem in our country?  The answer is yes!!!  It is not however one particular group.  We have to admit that various groups wash up in our shores everyday.   They come over and deplete our benefits, commit crimes, and every penny earned crosses back to their land.  Our hard-earned tax-paying money is leaving our hands and into foreign countries.  Was Trump speaking the truth? Yes.  He should not however have isolated the problem to one immigration group.  He may have the answer to the ever growing problem and we now see that he has the guts to talk about it.  This touches again on the freedom that we have to speak our minds without fear.  We cannot be afraid to say what we feel.  So many Americans have lost their lives, and so many continue to fight for this freedom everyday, my son is one of them.  If this conversation took place behind close doors between two friends it would not have been criticized.  Why can’t we say what we feel?  Why do we have to apologize for expressing our opinion?  Someone is always offended and demands apologies.  I am so sick of it.  Maybe if we spoke up the problem would not be so vast.

We are such hypocrites.  We teach our kids that they can accomplish anything they want, become anyone they want but that’s a lie.  The truth of the matter is that they have to find out for themselves that politics exist everywhere and they have to get in bed with people they don’t like because it is politically correct.   Lets face it, we need someone who is no nonsense to deal with the issues.  Someone who is not in it for the fame but because he/she is genuinely concerned about where our country is going and wants to fix it.  I don’t think that one person has the answer but I think that one strong person can lead a government in the right direction.

I miss not having to lock my doors and having kids play in the streets waiting to be called in for dinner.  There is no trust now no human warmth.  I am saddened to think of the America that awaits my grandchildren.  We need real change not just someone who says change is coming but at the end of the day settles.


I have to be honest with myself before I can be honest with others.  I struggle daily with weight, with finances and with loneliness.  I am ungrateful because I have so much to be thankful for and yet I choose to be sad about my luxuries.  I have food, a job, a car, a beautiful place to call home.  I have to say “thank you” and be happy.  I tell my kids that there is always someone who is in more need than us as there will always be someone with more.  What we have to do is be thankful and here I am sad because I have had too much to eat and because I live paycheck to paycheck when I have a paycheck and should be thankful for that.


I am going to live day by day and focus on the now.  Thanks for listening……..

Politics….blah, blah, blah

I had a conversation with one of the doctors I work for and he noticed how frustrated or better yet angry I am about the topic and he suggested I write about it.  The topic was special interest groups and negative media.  Yes I know, touchy subject and so many different views.  We were not totally on different ends of the spectrum and his input confirmed that it is ok to have different opinions.  I am totally against negative media during the campaigns.  I believe that if you truly feel that your plans or track record are what you say they are it should be enough to persuade your voters.  Why do candidates resort to demeaning, offensive and borderline vulgar techniques to win a campaign?  A disrespectful candidate is not who I want representing me.  When you use that kind of language and can throw anyone under the bus so easily I ask myself “what does that say about you buddy not the other person?”  It comes down to picking the lesser of the evils and that scares me to death.  I do not claim to know much about politics but I do know that I want someone with dignity and who has self-respect.  We can all or better yet we SHOULD all do our research and confirm they are who they say they are.  We can look up their resume and judge for ourselves.  No need for the name calling or finger pointing.  Of course there are important facts that must be revealed about a candidate such as he is a criminal who molested a child and has bought his silence for years.  Yes he has to be removed.  Information I don’t care about….he cheated on his wife.  I don’t care.  Lets call a spade a spade.  Most of us have been on the offending or receiving side of that scenario and it doesn’t hurt the country that your spouse doesn’t do it for you.  That is not criminal just poor judgment.  Let’s focus on the important issues, education, healthcare, immigration, unemployment.

Whose special interest are lobbyists really looking out for? I could be wrong but the one that holds the bigger stick wins.  Yes they can be formed by anyone rich or poor but who has more influence?  They look out for large companies who already have more than they need because they hold and control the money.  I don’t really care anymore about parties.  I have voted both ways before.  I just want someone who is honest (I know I’m crazy) and who really cares about all social classifications not just the rich.  Is that too much to ask?  Why is this process so complicated?  Can we have politics explained in layman’s terms? It is a very scary world and if more people were informed we would have different polling results.

I guess the doctor was right.  I do feel better getting it out of my system.  Please comment.  I promise I will appreciate what you have to say even if you don’t agree with me.  I crave knowledge.  Thank you for stopping by my blog.

What do we have?

Ever since I can remember I heard the phrase “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.  I had a problem with that then and I still do now.  Why oh why do we have to wait until we lose it to value it?  Did we not know it was valuable when we acquired it or when we started the relationship?  The answer is yes we did or we wouldn’t have invested time into it.  We eventually took it for granted and lost it.  How many of us have done so?  I know I have.  We find love and we lose it because we become complacent.  We live in a country with so much opportunity but we forget and we take it for granted.  Are we going to take the chance of one day not being able to blog about how we feel? Are we going to lose the amazing partner we share our lives with because we are used to waking up next to them in the morning?  We can’t let routine suck the freedom and value out of us.

Today let’s appreciate what we have.  we have a job? let’s do our best so that we keep it.  We have a wonderful person to share life with? let’s thank them for making a commitment and for making us happy.  We have kids? Let’s remind them that they have enriched our lives and gave us a purpose.  We have our limbs, senses, abilities to laugh, cry, think? let’s use it and make something great.  We don’t like how our country is being run? let’s tell someone and change it.

So you see, I thank every single one of you that has taken the time to read my posts and I thank you for sharing yours.  We stand together and I will never take that for granted.  Today I will let as many people I know how much I appreciate them and how much they enrich my life.  I hope you do the same.