Donald Trump – Villain or Hero?

Before we can answer we have to review the facts.  Is immigration a problem in our country?  The answer is yes!!!  It is not however one particular group.  We have to admit that various groups wash up in our shores everyday.   They come over and deplete our benefits, commit crimes, and every penny earned crosses back to their land.  Our hard-earned tax-paying money is leaving our hands and into foreign countries.  Was Trump speaking the truth? Yes.  He should not however have isolated the problem to one immigration group.  He may have the answer to the ever growing problem and we now see that he has the guts to talk about it.  This touches again on the freedom that we have to speak our minds without fear.  We cannot be afraid to say what we feel.  So many Americans have lost their lives, and so many continue to fight for this freedom everyday, my son is one of them.  If this conversation took place behind close doors between two friends it would not have been criticized.  Why can’t we say what we feel?  Why do we have to apologize for expressing our opinion?  Someone is always offended and demands apologies.  I am so sick of it.  Maybe if we spoke up the problem would not be so vast.

We are such hypocrites.  We teach our kids that they can accomplish anything they want, become anyone they want but that’s a lie.  The truth of the matter is that they have to find out for themselves that politics exist everywhere and they have to get in bed with people they don’t like because it is politically correct.   Lets face it, we need someone who is no nonsense to deal with the issues.  Someone who is not in it for the fame but because he/she is genuinely concerned about where our country is going and wants to fix it.  I don’t think that one person has the answer but I think that one strong person can lead a government in the right direction.

I miss not having to lock my doors and having kids play in the streets waiting to be called in for dinner.  There is no trust now no human warmth.  I am saddened to think of the America that awaits my grandchildren.  We need real change not just someone who says change is coming but at the end of the day settles.


5 thoughts on “Donald Trump – Villain or Hero?

  1. I’m not impressed with any candidate whose “platform” is just a laundry list of complaints. I wouldn’t call him either hero or villain. Maybe gadfly is a better term. His whole thing seems to be “stirring the pot”. That can generate a lot of buzz, at least until there are primaries and debates, real stuff that leads to a nomination. Trump has never held an elective office, and there is a certain amount of political dues paying expected of a candidate for the top job. It’s not only about grass-roots support.

    That’s why Trump, Carson and Fiorina are what’s called “vanity candidates”. No matter what polls say at this early stage, they have little chance of winning a nomination, and even less of winning a general election. But running raises their profile, makes them more famous, increases campaign contributions, maybe gets them a show on Fox, increases what they can charge in speaking fees, and sells more copies of their ghostwritten books.

    I would LOVE it if he did get the nomination though. He would be so much fun to discredit and destroy in an election.


  2. We are indeed a nation of hypocrites sadly, and the presidential candidate pool is a cess pool. Have a happy fourth, I hope someone runs that I can be happy about too.

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