we go again


I was asked to give my opinion on “Love” and for better or for worse, here it goes.

Let’s keep in mind that my opinion is not right or wrong it is merely my opinion based on my experiences.

It is the one of the greatest feelings, emotions and actions.  There is nothing better than to be in love.  I know it sounds cliche but in its purity nothing compares.  I don’t mean the casual dating and maybe 3 month relationship where you hardly talk, go out a couple of times and sex culminates the end of the adventure.

I am talking ladies and gentlemen about the real stuff.  I think about the old days where sex was the last bond in the relationship.  Conversing for hours creating the ultimate intimacy between two human beings. Courtship, banter, gifts, walks holding hands, the anticipation of seen each other again, that was real.  I know it is still out there and I refuse to give up on it.

Lets be real on one thing though, and ladies please don’t hate me, but our demand for equality has veered us away from real love.  We say that we want to be treated as equals but do we really? We contradict ourelves when we ask for equal salaries but yet we complain when the manly stuff does not get done around the house.  If we are so equal we must do the electrical work, plumbing and maintenance.  I am not trying to take away from all the women that do all that work but for the most part we have to be honest and decide equal all the way?

Love also entails respect, honor and commitment.  Respect is mutual and we have to remember not to treat men like our kids because they will behave as such.  Instead lets take a step back and trust and respect their decisions and the will be more willing to lend a hand.  Honor and commitment because that is the promise we made to each other and it wasn’t a temporary promise it was long term.  I guess what I am trying to say before I create more enemies (I hope not) is that love is the greatest and toughest job but if we treat each other with respect it can be a long lasting beautiful rewarding experience.


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