Food for thought….

I was talking to a friend today and we’re discussing movies. Most of us love them specially when it’s new and action. We as a country can raise 200 million in one weekend for a movie, a movie but we can’t come together to raise money to fix our neighborhood?  I agree with my friend when he said that if we can make a celebrity so much money we should be able to demand that they invest back some of it and help our country. If we look up where famous people invest their money it is usually outside the U.S.  We need help right here right now. 200 million would fix our education problem. 

Of course all these wealthy citizens are concerned with one thing and one thing only their “legacy”. Unfortunately they want to help the outside world because it affords a higher praise.  Help our inner cities. Let’s clean up our streets and we will make sure your legacy lives on. 


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