I try to thank God once a day for so many blessings not only that i enjoy but also for others as well.  We have become an ungrateful society as well as greedy.  The more we acquire the more we want.  Yes that is not only social convention but human nature as well.  How can we forget to be humble, simple, kind but most of all grateful.  If you are reading this it means that you have sight, can read, own a laptop, have internet, a place to keep these things and most of all are alive.  So many blessings in one and thats only the tip of it.

How can we forget hunger, disease, homelessness, and despair?  We are so wealthy and fortunate and what do we do with it:? We demand more.  Sometimes we discard food and clothing.  We are not satisfied with the $20,000 vehicle we want the $40,000+.  I am not saying that we shouldn’t have them but what we shouldn’t do is be ungrateful.  Let’s teach our children that having all you need differs from having all you want.

You don’t have to agree with me and you certainly don’t have to do as I say.  What I write here is merely my opinion and not necessarily be right.  I wanted a place that I an transfer my thoughts and if anyone out there agreed with me and we can make a change then it was worth it.  No need to be angry at my opinions and I respect yours as well.  I do however ask that you leave a comment and let me know how you feel.

Hello again….. Questions

I am faced with many questions today thanks to Ms. Maya Angelou’s book “Letter To My Daughter”.  I have to say that after reading her work all my thoughts started sounding more like complaints.  Yes this country has changed drastically and it is not the same safe country it once was.  But complaining about it and not doing anything may as well be called hypocrisy.

I remember when we didn’t lock doors and we can let our children play outside with no fear.  What happened?  where did we go wrong?  I think that answer may be as simple as, we forgot to love.  We have heard numerous stories of triumphant men and women raising  their kids against many obstacles and enjoying in the victory of seeing their kids become outstanding men and women serving as doctors, lawyers, engineers, electricians etc… They acquired a skill regardless of their surrounding because their home was built on love.  Love for themselves, their parents and this country.  We also hear of children of the wealthy and celebrities who end up in jail, or on drugs.  Why because they didn’t find the love they so desperately needed.  Money and two parents at home is not a guarantee that you will be loved and that you will have all you need.  Money is not love nor are material acquisitions.


I borrowed this picture from the internet because it fits perfectly here.

Ms. Angelou also mentioned her friend Fannie Lou Hamer and her questions of forty years ago.  They are:

“What do I think of my country? What is there, which elevates my shoulders and stirs my blood when I hear the words, the United States of America: Do I praise my country enough? Do I laud my fellow Citizens enough? What is it about my country that makes me hang my head and avert my eyes when I hear the words, the United States of America, and what am I doing about it? Am I relating my disappointment to my leaders and to my fellow citizens, or am I like someone not involved, sitting high and looking low? As Americans, we should not be afraid to respond.”

So lets all do something about it.  We don’t have to donate money to be charitable.  We can share love, a kind word, a smile or a caress.  Lets do our best to be full of love and kindness.  Love can conquer so many things.

If we don’t agree with the way our senators, governors, mayors and president are running our country, lets tell them.  Stop their corruption and special interests by not re-electing them and giving someone else a chance.  They should be submitted to the same rule in which no-one serves more than two consecutive terms.

Lets get our America back.  Yes we can!!!!!

Food for thought….

I was talking to a friend today and we’re discussing movies. Most of us love them specially when it’s new and action. We as a country can raise 200 million in one weekend for a movie, a movie but we can’t come together to raise money to fix our neighborhood?  I agree with my friend when he said that if we can make a celebrity so much money we should be able to demand that they invest back some of it and help our country. If we look up where famous people invest their money it is usually outside the U.S.  We need help right here right now. 200 million would fix our education problem. 

Of course all these wealthy citizens are concerned with one thing and one thing only their “legacy”. Unfortunately they want to help the outside world because it affords a higher praise.  Help our inner cities. Let’s clean up our streets and we will make sure your legacy lives on. 

Hello World. Just a concerned mom looking for a place to chat about life!!

Memorial Day

On a day like today we give thanks, pay respect and honor all those who fought and lost their lives and all those who continue to fight for our freedom.  “our freedom” a term that has been somewhat distorted for so long now.  Our freedom of speech only exists on paper now and most of us are afraid to speak for what we believe.  We are afraid of offending someone with our opinions and maybe even dying for it as well.  America prides itself is stating that we are powerful and that we have rights.  Well let’s for one moment examine who we are as a whole.  Our economy is frail, our education is mediocre at best and unemployment and homelessness rises to astronomical level.

Let’s discuss rights.  We are the only country that gives more rights to the criminals than to everyday hardworking citizens.  Prisoners have more to look forward to on the inside than we have out in the real world.  I think our government must look up the term “rehabilitate”.  When we punish our kids and give them “time out” we do not sit them in front of the TV and give them all the junk food they enjoy.  Instead we take away their right to enjoy those and hope they realize that should they misbehave again they will lose it again.  That is how you teach someone.  Prisoners in America have a gym, theater, TV, library, healthcare, social time, 3 square meals, electric and water paid for.  How are they learning any lessons?  How do they get to have more rights than those of us struggling check to check and obeying the law?  I know people who work all day everyday and can’t afford a gym membership nor can they go to the movies with their kids even monthly because they can’t afford it.  We obey the law we do the right thing and yet we have to pay for the luxuries of those who don’t.

We claim to be a powerful country based on what? bullying other countries? In order to be strong as a nation we have to fix our own house before we attempt to interfere and fix someone else’s.  If an airplane is going down and you have your friends and family around you, you are asked to fit your oxygen mask before you can help others.  Our economy needs help. Our education needs help.  How can we adopt children of other nations before looking in our backyard and help ours first.  What are we doing as a human race?

This should not be a black and white world.  We are a human race.  Dr.  Ben Carson is the only man I have heard that cares about what the original America was.  The America our forefathers fought for.  They would turn in their graves if they saw what we have done.  We cannot be a society who thinks that criminal riots are the answer to peace!!!!  Why do all the business owners and their families have to pay for other people’s mistakes?  Riots only hurt the innocent and if it is honor that riots intend then we have to look up the word “honor” as well.  Do you want to honor the ones who have sacrificed their lives then arm yourself with  pen and paper and acquire knowledge.  That’s how we make a change.  Fighting with our minds with intelligence.  To paraphrase Dr. Ben Carson, he said that we can all be elected into office and make a change.   We can all have the opportunity to be heard.  It is by fault of our own that we continue to re-elect those who are already there and expect change.

We have a magnificent obligation to arm our kids with knowledge and human warmth.  We cannot let our country continue to divide itself and chaos move in.  Lets honor our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, moms and dads fighting for a free and better America  by helping them in the fight.  We have the tools we just need the will.